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 How2 Survive a Protest in Vegas Heat

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PostSubject: How2 Survive a Protest in Vegas Heat   Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:45 am

Sometimes when we raid, we don't always come prepared. Don't expect someone to carry essentials every time, especially during the summer, when the heat gets ungodly stupid. So, here's a how2 on Vegas survival for a successful raid.

1. Carry water. A case of pocket bottles could range around three bucks and you're gonna need it. Water keeps you alive and you're not worth shit if you fall over dehydrated. Gatorade works too. Always carry extra around which leads to number 2...

2. Take a backpack with you. Big enough to at least hold water bottles and other emergency essentials just in case.

3. Don't wear heavy or dark clothing. You can trade off being Guy Fawkes for one day. These types of clothing makes you sweat faster and retains more heat. Light clothing, light colors. You can still disguise yourself either way.

4. Backup disguises. Masks can cause your face to sweat eventually. When it becomes unbearable to wear, trade it for another mask or settle for a hat and sunglasses. Favored disguises for the heat are mouth masks or bandanas. They provide minimum discomfort and still retain enough coverage.

5. Keep in shaded areas or prance around in an umbrella. Just don't use it to smack around scifags with it, seriously. The more you're cool, the more you'll party.

6. Suntan. Use it. Carry it in your bag. Especially if your skin is super delicate.

8. Also snacks. Starvation is not your friend.

9. Keep a cool head during raids. Heat causes short tempers and scifags like to bullbait while under pressure. If they somehow piss you off, count to ten, punch your own face---do something to chill yourself out.

10. Don't overexert yourself. If you hit the breaking point, trade off your post with someone and take shelter in a cool place. You don't need to stand on the sidewalk all day. Take breaks and pace yourself.
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How2 Survive a Protest in Vegas Heat
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